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< Darkwind > is a new Horde 10 man raiding guild located on EU Sunstrider (PvP).

We are looking to recruit outstanding players for Cataclysm. We want persons that posses a strong desire to succeed, a commitment to continuous progression that helps build confidence, and a high level of motivation to achieve desired results.

Our guild has a highly competitive nature and we have several players who have competed at the highest levels of this game since the original beta (classic/vanilla). Our main goal is to become a high ranking guild and compete for the server firsts in Cataclysm.

As this guild will primarily be focusing on PvE progression, we still highly encourage PvP. There will be many players that will spend their extra time PvP'ing in rated battlegrounds and the arena.

Cataclysm here we come!

The expansion is only 24 hours away and many people are waiting in agony for this game to get released and starting the levelling craze. So are we! Hope everyone has a fun levelling trip and get some sleep! (After you reached 85 that is)

Tonight the world as we know it will change. So we should be prepared for fun times!

As we know all the old classic zones will be revamped and for those who played back then this will be a teardropping event. So take some screenshots and enjoy the last hours of it. On the good side, the revamp is making the world alot more fun and it brings a new aspect to it. So what can we expect

- Portals in cities will be removed for class trainers
- New race-class combo (Going for Kyofu)
- New starting areas for the trolls and the gnomes.
- Revamped zones
- New fancy music for those who can't have enough wow music!
- Class balancing. More QQ from Para
- Tree resets and more pets for our hunters...

PS: Log out safely!

LK Heroic no more!

After a few days of waiting and frustration we finally got him down. Yet we'll see him down alot more
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European: Sunstrider (PvP)
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